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Connect your residence to NOW Fiber Air HOME!
* NOW Fiber Air HOME is recommended for those who live in condominiums (in-building) near or within central business districts in Metro Manila. This internet package is perfect for those who work from home.

* A minimum of 24 months contract period is applied for ALL plans.

* Per plan comes with Free NOWPlanet.TV Access for 2 users.

Want to get NOW Fiber Air for your office?

"When NOW Corp. introduced NOW Fiber Air, we tried it for around 2 weeks and we found out that their service is really good. After the testing, they gave us a performance report and true enough, the bandwidth given to us was available to us daily. After service is always good, one call or one text away, the service would always be back immediately."
Jhaun Paul Enriquez
MIS Coordinator, Sta. Isabel College
"Constant connection is a must for us and that's where companies like NOW comes in. Our players are constantly online. With NOW Fiber Air, they can confidently feel that they can compete at a high level."
Leo Andrew Escutin
COO, Bren Pro Inc.
"We're very happy with NOW. The industry is going towards more managed services, cybersecurity, and analytics and that is why we have to have a dependable internet provider, which is NOW."
Juan Chua
President & CEO, Nexus Technologies Inc.